Adult Education

Adult Education

January 14 – Pastors Baumann.    Imagine! Church Renewal – Understanding your Congregation’s Life Cycle. We all know that the life of a human being follows a life cycle. We are all born, live, and we die. What about a congregation? Does a congregation also follow a life cycle? Yes and no. Yes, because a congregation also follows a cycle of formation, stability, and decline. No, because other than an individual human being, a congregation, consisting of many generations of members, has the ability to renew itself. How so? Find out at this 101 about church renewal.

January 21 – Pr. Kristin Luana Baumann. Holy Women! From Eve to Mary Magdalene – The Depiction of Biblical Women in Art History. How artists depict Women of the Bible tells us much, not only about the biblical stories, but also about the time and attitude of the artist. Pr. Kristin Luana will introduce this fascinating topic by highlighting examples from the world of art.

 January 28 – Don Corson – Holy Women! Hildegard von Bingen: The Wild Side of the Holy.  What can a Twelfth Century Abbess teach us about how to live today? “A lot”, says Don Corson, who will lead us through the life and times of one of the most significant persons in all of church history. Her work included being a healer, an innovative musician, an artist, and a mystic visionary that the Pope learned to listen to. Don has had a long-term interest in Hildegard von Bingen and looks forward to sharing some of the things he has learned that still make her a relevant force for us today.


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