Adult Faith Formation – Season of Creation

Adult Faith Formation – Season of Creation

Climate Warming as a Discipleship Challenge

Adult Faith Formation Series

September 15 to October 20, 2019 in the Fellowship Hall

HTLC Creation Care Team;  Presenter: Bob Larsen

This fall, HTLC is participating in the worldwide ecumenical movement Season of Creation. As part of this worship and discipleship emphasis, a series of presentations on the many facets of Climate Warming in the context of our faith will be presented Sundays at 11 AM at our Adult faith formation hour in the fellowship hall after worship. Topics include:

September 15th: Climate Warming: The Big Picture.

This educational series will kick off with a work session led by the Pastors of the biblical foundations of creation care with a summary of the current state of Climate Warming and the context and challenges it presents to us by Bob.

September 22nd: Carbon Sources and Sinks: Where Are Carbon Emissions Coming From and Where Do They Go?

In this presentation, Bob will explain the sources of Climate Warming (where carbon emissions come from), where they go, and what the results from them are. Along the way, approaches to reduce carbon emissions will become apparent and discussed.

September 29th: The Biggest Source of Climate Warming: Emissions from Fossil Fuels

The linkages between economic activity and fossil fuel use form the basis for a deeper understanding of where, what kind, and how many emissions are created through the range of human activity. The impacts of what we do with energy will determine the extent and impacts from Climate Warming.

October 6th: Land Use and Agriculture: Dilemmas and Opportunities

How we use the land God created and gave humanity responsibility for is of central concern when discussing Climate Warming. What we do and how we do it can either be a great help or a major source of carbon emissions. Will we be able to feed the world as the impacts from Climate Warming become more apparent? How best can we care for God’s creation during these times of more unpredictable weather and rising temperatures?

October 13th: What does Church have to do with this?

Bob Larsen will be out of town on this day, but the Pastors will make good use of this session for more biblical and theological discernment. We live in a time and society in which most areas of life are thought to be clearly separated from each other: There is science, there is religion; there is fun, there is work; there is health, there is sickness; there is politics, there is faith. But is this also the biblical view of things? A short review of the ancient Israelite worldview will reveal that all areas of live are very much interconnected and interdependent in the world of our ancestors. We will discern if this interconnectedness might be intrinsic to human nature and society, not only in antiquity, but also today. And, last but not least, we will look into how Martin Luther views the relationship between creation, church, and society.

October 20th: What Can Be Done to Limit Climate Warming? What Can We Do?

In the final installment of this series, we will apply what we have learned to reason both what can be done and how soon we can take action to limit the damage from changing our climate. After hearing Bob’s summary of our range of choices, we will discuss among each other what HTLC can and should do as our discipleship challenge to preserve God’s creation for future generations.

The Creation Care team is very grateful for Bob Larsen’s willingness to make these presentations. He has 40 years’ experience in analyzing and addressing energy, environmental, and sustainability issues. Bob worked at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. He is an internationally known expert in renewable fuels, advanced propulsion systems, electric-drive vehicles, and efficiency-enhancing and carbon-reduction technologies. Bob also has been involved in several entrepreneurial enterprises with environmental objectives including the Composite Recycling

Technology Center in Port Angeles where he served as its first CEO. Bob and Karen Larsen have been members of HTLC since 2006.

Specific topics and timing are subject to change as we get closer to the dates of the presentations.


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