Hymn Fest and Communion

Hymn Fest and Communion

                                                    Hymn Fest and Communion

                                              Sunday, February 12 at 9:30 AM

                                                                 All are welcome!

                                Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles, WA

                                   Celebrating 60 years at our current location!

This festival celebrates the reformative work of Martin Luther as expressed in his hymns and in the hymns from Christian peoples around the world in the following centuries. In this we way we sing the salvation story beginning with the Reformation and move through all the major festivals from Advent to Holy Trinity. Martin Luther and the Lutheran chorale are well represented, and may be most familiar. The hymns and tunes from other countries, especially China, Tanzania and Argentina are possibly less known. The reflections that are read in breaks between groups of hymns are written by Susan Cherwien.


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