May Adult Faith Formation

May Adult Faith Formation

May 5 God’s Church in Two Places – Our Companion Church in Namibia, Michael Hatch

 “The global church is a reality, not just an abstract concept, for the thousands of Lutherans engaged in ELCA companion-synod relationships. […] The companion-synod program connects synods and their congregations with Lutheran church bodies throughout the world” (Living Lutheran April 2019). The Southwestern Washington Synod is connected with three partner church bodies in Namibia. Michael Hatch has agreed to share his experiences while attending the Southern Africa Network Gathering of the ELCA in March. The Five Values of Accompaniment will be the focus of our discussion: Mutuality; Inclusivity; Sustainability; Vulnerability; and Empowerment. We will examine the meaning and significance of each of the five values and how they inform and animate our walk with our Namibia companion synod.

May 12 Living Stones Prison Congregation – Christ ‘Behind the Walls’, Rev. Chris Ode

Established in 2006, Living Stones Prison Congregation is a ministry of the ELCA operating “behind the walls” of the Washington Corrections Center (Shelton). Having accepted the call to serve LSPC in mid-2018, Pastor Chris Ode spends his time ministering directly to the members of LSPC, developing reentry resources and opportunities, and sharing the stories of LSPC with outside congregations and community groups.  Every year in Spring, the Living Stone Raffle supports this ministry. Make sure to buy tickets for your chance to win a $5000 travel voucher!

May 19 Money, money, money! – What does the budget 2019/20 look like?

 Join church leadership for this last faith formation session before summer to reflect on the budget for the church year ahead.


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