Messy Church

Messy Church

Messy Church is an intergenerational worship experience. There is a common meal, devotions and (sometimes messy) activities. We meet Christ in a casual setting, with time for check-in and conversation.

Messy Church 2018-19 will focus on the biblical story of Joseph, Genesis 37-50. Throughout the year, we will see how Joseph, with God’s help, masters dangerous and difficult situations. At the end, he is successful and able to forgive those who harmed him. In addition to a timeless storyline, we will have opportunity to learn about life in ancient Canaan and Egypt.

Thursday, April 11, 2019:  Story: Joseph’s brothers need help;  Message:  Learn to let go of revenge; Bible Passage:  Genesis 42-44 

The next Messy Church is Wednesday, May 8, 2019




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