Sundays in June

Sundays in June

June 2: Staff Appreciation Day! Honor Peggy, Paula, Larry and Candance during fellowship time on June 2. Make sure to thank them for the amazing work they do!

June 9: “Meals Together on Sundays” starting September – planning meeting after church! Exciting News! Under leadership of our minister for hospitality, Neil Dexter, HTLC will offer a meal and fellowship time on all Sundays with Sunday School after Faith formation and education time, at 12 PM starting in September. All are invited! Donations will be accepted to cover the costs. This will be a great opportunity to deepen our relation-ships with each other, and to invite neighbors, friends and family to join in!  Lots of hands are needed to make this work! If you feel called to be part of the ‘Meals Together on Sundays’ team, please meet with Neil and Pastor Kristin Luana on Sunday, June 9 church at 11 AM. Questions? Comments? Email Neil:

Sunday, June 16: Both Sides of the U.S.-Mexico Border by Claire Fritschler. Reports from her border immersion experience!  In January of this year, a group of my college peers and I traveled to Arizona and then into Mexico to learn about the effects of the U.S.-Mexico Border on all the surrounding environment, particularly the immigrants who attempt to cross it (legally or illegally). I hope to support a dialogue about this topic within the HTLC congregation in a faith formation class where we can closely examine the complicated issue of justice and empathy while traversing our social and physical borders.



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