Theology On Tap

Theology On Tap

Theology On Tap

All are welcome, because this is not just a “guy thing.” This is a good opportunity to bring an unchurched friend, family member or co-worker. All questions are allowed. Doubts are welcome.

“Despair makes priests and friars.” We find the most memorable Martin Luther quotes in a book titled “Table Talks.” Luther’s students and colleagues recorded those remarks as they sat around a table, drank beer and talked theology.

What is good for Martin Luther is also good for us. So we will also meet around the table, drink beer and talk theology. We will meet at Barhop Brewery, 124 W Railroad Ave., Port Angeles, WA 98362.

Barhop Brewer has a wide selection of craft beers and non-alcoholic beverages that should be able to fuel our conversations.

If you want to join us for beer and conversation, speak to Pastor Olaf or Neil Dexter. If you come, please DRINK RESPONSIBLY!!!



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