Let Me Be Frank

I wholheartedly recommend this movie.
Rev. Olaf Baumann”


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You may have never heard of Frank Schaeffer. He’s not famous.
Not Billy Graham famous or Jerry Falwell famous or Joel Osteen famous.
But he might have been.

“If you were an evangelical in the 1970s, you would have known my father, Francis Schaeffer. You would have known my mom, Edith Schaeffer. I went in a very different direction. I no longer believe it’s possible to be an Evangelical and a reasonable human being.”
– Frank Schaeffer


Let Me Be Frank is sometimes funny, often poignant and
not so politically correct.

This is the story of Frank’s journey out of religious certainty and, in the face of the historic rise of political and Christian conservatism, the discovery of surprising instances of tenderness, hope and grace along the way.

Frank, the son of influential Evangelicals Francis and Edith Schaeffer, was a filmmaker, writer, speaker and an architect of the religious right in the 1970s. Underneath the exterior of aggressive religiosity, and expected to follow in his famous family’s footsteps, his life was in turmoil.

To the surprise of the religious establishment, Frank didn’t step up.
He stepped away.

Described as the “Traitorous Prince” by former confidants on the religious and political right, Frank is now a best-selling author, blogger, painter, speaker and regular commentator for news outlets like MSNBC.

His books include, Portofino, Crazy for God, Keeping Faith: A Father-Son Story About Love and the U.S. Marine Corps (with son John Schaeffer) and Why I’m an Atheist who Believes in God.

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Let Me Be Frank.

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