The Primrose Papers by Linda Ruth Stai

The Primrose Papers by Linda Ruth Stai

Sequel to The Rose Journal

The setting is England, the daughter Annie in the first book becomes the main character in the Primrose Papers.


Each character in this old-fashioned mystery just meet challenges we all face:  forgiveness, depression, spiritual growth and end of life decisions.  The author crafts a beautifully written story that is not just a romance, but also sparkles with humorous interludes!  The mystery that began in Minnesota continues and deepens in England when Annie is offered an opportunity to travel there and encouraged by her husband to do so.

Primrose Manor

The inhabitants of Primrose Manor, a mysterious note, and fearing her life is in danger make for an interesting story.  And yes, the guardian angel appears at the pivotal point in the characters’ lives.    This reviewer found the solving of the mystery, the angel’s challenge and the unexpected ending a complete and delightful surprise!

Review and illustrator

This review written by Roxanne Grinstand and the cover illustration was also done by Roxanne Grinstad.


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