Comet’s Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life

Comet’s Tale: How the Dog I Rescued Saved My Life

Man and Greyhound Heal One Another

Comet’s Tale is the story of the author’s relationship with a  greyhound rescue dog who  gives his life purpose and meaning, and saves him.

Comet is a ‘discarded’ greyhound, rescued and existing in a shelter.  Thousands of these dogs are discarded yearly because they are not assessed as winners in the racing world.  When Steven Wolf visits the shelter, with no intention of taking home a dog, Comet ‘picks’ him.  Thus begins their journey together and the story of how they rescued one another. Greyhounds  are shy, lovingly loyal, athletic and gentle among other things.   Man uses them for racing, not service.

Familiar attributes accredited to greyhounds include:  quizzical, sensitive,  superior intelligence, surprising independence,  and quiet.   In this amazing story you  see all of these attributes in Comet.  This is a tale of how Wolf and Comet protect and heal one another.  It is not Wolf’s motivation for her to be a service dog.  But slowly it becomes apparent to both  as the bond between them grows.  Through Comet’s intelligence and love for the author she does become a service dog and partner.    This is a tale of love, friendship, family, understanding, compassion and more.  A beautiful story that I highly recommended for more than animal lovers.


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