Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly

Hidden Figures:  Black Women mathematicians.

The African American women in this story (the hidden figures) have great mathematical talents.  Most were teaching in the classrooms of segregated schools.  Yet, no one else would hire them.  The advent of WW II resulted in a shortage of skilled mathematicians.   The defense industry’s  need of this skill opened the door to these women.  Women mathematicians?  African American women mathematicians?  A resounding ‘Yes’! These women play a vital role in the defense and then the space industries.   Their superiors refer to them as computers.  Told by a skilled  author,  you will find yourself smiling as they break barrier after barrier.

This uplifting saga of basically unknown American history from 1943 into and beyond the 60’s.   It reminds us that America is better when we recognize and use the talents of ALL our citizens.  The story includes the integration struggles these women endure at work, in their communities and in the nation at that time.    An inspirational read and  I highly recommend this book. If you have only seen the film by the same name, I urge you to also read the full story.  Finally, you will find yourself smiling, cheering and admiring these remarkable women.


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