Relics! – Would You Like A Piece Of Saint?

Relics! – Would You Like A Piece Of Saint?

Relics! – Would You Like A Piece Of Saint?

One of the more “special” aspects of medieval piety is their obsession with relics. Relics are things that are left over, like the bones of famous saints or objects that played a major role in the history of Christianity, like nails from the crucifixion of Jesus.

It was believed that this holy objects could help the people find favour with God. Venerating these objects could give you holy credit and you would get time off of purgatory.

The saints could also intercede for you. If you are sick or desperate, you pray too a saint and that saint puts a good word in for you with God. And than God might grant your wish and give you back your health.

Protestant churches discouraged praying to the saints. They believe that no intercessory agent is necessary and that God hears all prayers. Protestants in general and Lutherans in particular believe one thing boy the saints. They are dead and they should be left to rest in God’s loving embrace.

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