Radical Integrity: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Radical Integrity: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Michael Van Dyke

We remember him as a Man of God, though he would not have called himself that, but rather only a man…nothing more, nothing less.  Bonhoeffer’s words, “We are to find God in what we know, not in what we don’t know;  God wants us to realize His presence, not in unsolved problems but in those that are solved.  That is true of the relationship between God and scientific knowledge, but it is also true of the wider human problems of death, suffering, and guilt.”

His Journey With God

This book is a wonderful introduction to Bonhoeffer’s adult life, ended in 1945.  A brilliant man, an insightful theologian, a skilled musician, lover of literature, and truly a man of God.   It tells his journey with God through the decision to study theology, and then through the terrible war years. Bonhoeffer watched his beloved homeland become lured by the Nazi ideology–becoming what he called ‘religionless’.  His story is an inspiration, causing one to reflect on one’s own life.    You will find in this library  several other books about him and also written by him that will expand you appreciation of this remarkable man.

Reviewed by Merry Van Deusen


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