Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah–a story of friendship

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah–a story of friendship

Pacific Northwest setting for Hannah’s novel

Firefly Lane is a fictional road near Snohomish, Washington on the banks of the Pilchuck River.   Most of the location in the story are very real.  Kristin Hannah lives in the Pacific Northwest and writes about “…what she knows.”

Lifelong Friendship

Two young girls, Tully and Kate, meet on Firefly Lane in the turbulent 70’s and become the most unlikely of friends.  One the daughter of a drug addict and the other from a nice conservative family.  They play on each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  For 30 years, with many unexpected ups and downs, they are the best of friends.

Of course later in life, when they both fall for the same man, jealousy raises its ugly green head and threatens their close bond.  Kate  is not interested in Tully’s dreams of a huge New York TV journalism career.   She follows her own heart, raising a family with twin boys and a daughter.  Her daughter causes much stress trying to be just like sophisticated, exuberant Tully.  The story follows a familiar path of getting to know you:  “Wow you’re the coolest person I ever met, to ” Gee, I can’t stand you,” and then “I’m so thankful we are friends.”  Hannah tells a story in such an attention-grabbing way I could hardly stop reading until the last page.  Firefly Lane closes with the feeling that there is more to come.  I’m hoping for a sequel.   Review by Rosemary Petersen


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