Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit

Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit

Matthews explains Bobby Kennedy’s life starting as a shy boy under the shadow of his older, famous brothers.  It details JFK’s run for president and his realization that he needed his younger, more compassionate brother’s help.  After the campaign, Bobby learned to be all that JFK wasn’t and became Attorney General.  Together they learned about and fought for civil rights and against the mob bosses, and believed in helping the poor minorities.  John’s death was described from the point of view of the devastated Kennedy family.

Bobby Kennedy ran for President while still grieving.  Also the problems of the Viet Nam War, Cuba, Russia and internal affairs were all boiling up.  Chris Matthews was there to see all this unfolding and was able to document it in an unforgettable book.

Chris Matthews is the host of MSNBC’s show Hardball.  He started out in politics when very young and knew Bobby Kennedy personally.  I bought the book because he said that in today’s world of such depressing news Bobby was a really good man with the public’s needs his top priority, and it is uplifting to know about. The book is very well written and I liked it more than expected.     Reviewed by Rosemary Petersen


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