The Trouble with May Amelia

The Trouble with May Amelia


May Amelia Jackson lives in Washington state in 1900 with a family of seven brothers.  The farm they are working hard to create in the wilderness around the Nasel River is wet and muddy.  Often she is taunted about being a ‘Useless Girl’ so she is proud when her father asks her to translate for a gentleman who’s interested in buying their land and making them rich.  The man is a crook.  The farm is lost.  May Amelia learns that in this crisis she has more ‘Sisu” (that Finnish for ‘guts’) than seven boys put together!

Young readers will not only be introduced to a charming heroine, but will gain an understanding of what life was life for immigrant families who came to America to start a new life.

This books is a sequel to the Newberry Honor Book Our Only May Amelia  by Jennifer I. Holm.   Reviewed by Viola Nixon


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