Opportunities to Serve on Council

Opportunities to Serve on Council

Opportunities to Serve on Council

Coming in July!  There are several council positions that are opening up! This is your opportunity to serve on our church council to share your gifts and talents in helping our church maintain a vibrant, welcoming and safe place to worship.

Our church bylaws state that individual members of the congregation may submit in writing at anytime nominations for the council and any other elected positions.  Such nominations can be provided to the Church Council President, Lisa Due via email at lisa.due@ourfirstfed.com or by calling 360-477-2983.

The positions and outgoing council members are: Council Vice President (Sharon Fritschler), Minister of Finance (Deb Reed), Minister of Education (Jamie Coburn) and Minister of Education (Neil Dexter). All positions have terms of two years.

Please prayerfully consider serving on our council, all members are welcome.  If you want to learn more about these opportunities, feel free to contact any of the outgoing members, and you may view the council position descriptions on our website, or you can ask for a copy to be sent to you.

Your church council looks forward to being able to work with additional members of the congregation that will bring new ideas to help Holy Trinity to fulfill its mission.  “Called by God’s grace to share the good news, we are the hands of Christ: opened by love, joined in worship, extended in welcome, offered in service, reaching for justice.”

Blessings, Lisa Due- Church Council President


(If you would like a copy of the Council Position Descriptions, you may pick one up at the church office or you can have it emailed to you)




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