Pollinator Pathway Project

Pollinator Pathway Project

Our beautiful landscape has been broken up and fragmented through ubanization and suburbanization.

Pollinator Pathways

Pollinator Pathways are projects where many people work together to create, enhance, and establish continuous corridors of pollinator-friendly food sources and habitats for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinating insects and wildlife.

Diversity and native plantings encourage our native pollinators. Some pollinators are small, weak fliers or they crawl and require continuous habitat, while others are stronger fliers and can travel longer distances between habitats.

Pollinator Pathways benefit our whole ecosystem. WSDOT and Clallam County have pilot programs to promote pollinator-friendly habitat on roadsides. Pollinators provide many ecosystem services that support the health of plants, people, and the planet. They provide resources for wildlife, biodiversity, and support food security for us all.

A Project of
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Creation Care Team

The Project:

The HTLC Creation Care Team contacted the Peninsula Trails Coalition (PTC) about initiating our Creation Care Pollinator Pathway Project on the 18th Street to Dry Creek section of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT). The City of Port Angeles has jurisdiction over this part of the trail and we received permission to proceed with the project from Corey Delikat, Port Angeles City Parks and Recreation Director in early August, 2020.


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