Audio & Video Lead Technician

Audio & Video Lead Technician

Job Description

The position will be compensated with a hourly salary of $18 to $28 based on prior experience and skills. Most of the work hours will be spent on Sundays between 9 am and noon covering church services, but other times and weekdays are possible. The duties and responsibilities will include, but may not be limited to:

Worship services

  • Run AV equipment during church services. 
  • Holy Trinity’s services are streamed to Facebook and YouTube and broadcast by KONP radio. Responsibilities of the AV lead technician includes organizing, supervising and training AV team volunteers and substitute AV technicians so they can provide house sound, monitor the sound feed to KONP radio, and operate the three-camera video streaming system. 
  • Record and edit Sunday sermons. (Include head and tail.)
  • Record services and provide substitute recordings to KONP if needed. (Sometimes live broadcast is not possible and we provide KONP with a recording.)
  • Communicate with KONP radio to determine when prerecorded services are necessary.

Equipment maintenance

  • Provide general maintenance of AV equipment. 
  • Troubleshoot malfunctioning AV equipment.
  • Organize repairs and recommend upgrades of AV equipment.

Supervisory duties

  • Educate, organize and supervise AV volunteers and substitutes.
  • Arrange for trained volunteer or substitute when personally unavailable.

Special events

  • Run AV equipment, or organize and supervise volunteers, for irregular services and special events, e.g. funerals and concerts.
  • Run or organize a substitute for events in the Fellowship Hall when it includes use of Fellowship Hall audio equipment and video projector. 
  • Set up, take down and run mobile PA when needed.
  • Make audio recordings and process recordings when needed.
  • Set up, take down, run video camera when needed.
  • Edit video material when needed.

Needed skills

  • Be knowledgeable about operational procedures and technical specifications of AV equipment including cameras, microphones, and recording devices.
  • Good communication skills, especially regarding technical equipment, collaboration with outside agencies, and church staff
  • Familiarity with YouTube, live streaming, Facebook and other social media as needed


  • As with all HTLC employees, the Personnel Policies and Procedures document will govern this position.