Harvest Apples for Cider Making at Farm Church!

Harvest Apples for Cider Making at Farm Church!

Ennis Arbor Farm, east side of Port Angeles, top of Del Guzzi Road at Joshua’s, then turn left on Lindberg
using google maps, type this in:   48.0996296930423, -123.39526403345776

Jim and Robbie Mantooth have invited us to Ennis Arbor Farm to harvest some apples and pears that we can bring to Farm Church this month. Jim includes that we will also have the opportunity to some other exciting harvest items as is such the generous offer that they have offered so many people over the years.

Bring:  5 gallon bucket, old laundry basket or those ubiquitous plastic grocery sacks.
The Creation Care Team needs your help and would love to share a morning with you. 6′  physically distanced or masked, very socially connected.

Questions, need a ride or want to RSVP?
Kathe Smith


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