Prayer and Communion – Feast Day for Mary Magdalene

Prayer and Communion – Feast Day for Mary Magdalene

Bring your prayer concerns and have a small piece of bread and a small glass of wine or juice prepared for every participant in your family. There is time for fellowship after the service.

To follow along with our Zoom Communion Service on Wednesdays please download the Worship Bulletin. This can be found under the Home page of the website, then scroll down to Virtual Church Services, and then finally click on Download Bulletin.

Please contact the church office to receive the Zoom address.

Please remember to give online. Go to our website and click “Online Giving” or follow this link – Thank you!

Download “ZOOM-Communion-July-21-2021.pdf” ZOOM-Communion-July-21-2021.pdf – Downloaded 15 times – 278 KB

In the gospels of Matthew, John, and the longer ending of Mark, Mary Magdalene is the first to see the risen Christ, who commissions her to tell the other disciples the good news. In almost all the lists of women who followed Jesus, she is named first. Through the centuries, in the Western church she has been the object of misconceptions about her life and her relationship to Jesus. Now we recover her role as leader among Jesus’ followers and as witness to the resurrection. Like Moses’ sister, she came running with the good news that the one who had been given up for dead was restored to life.

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