Time To Speak, Time to Listen – ZOOM LISTENING CIRCLE

Time To Speak, Time to Listen – ZOOM LISTENING CIRCLE

Many of us struggle in our political climate to hang onto our Christian values of love and peace. Bearing this burden alone is extremely difficult and frustrating. That is why we meet for a listening circle on ZOOM (Contact the Admin at htlc@olypen.com or 360 452 2323 before 2pm on Sept 20 for the link!)

The rules of a listening cycle are simple. 

  1. Everyone gets to speak.
  2. Everyone should speak. A listening circle is a participatory event.
  3. When one person speaks everybody else listens.
  4. We do not comment, positively or negatively, on the remarks of someone who has spoken.
  5. If you want to speak to a topic someone else has already spoken to, speak to that topic anyway, even if you basically say the same thing. We are here to listen to you. All people have a unique way to express themselves and all deserve to be heard.
  6. When you speak use “I” language; I feel …, I hear…, I experience …, etc. We don’t use language like “THEY do …, THEY say…, THEY believe, want, plan …, etc.
  7. If necessary, ask for a short break.
  8. Stay until everybody has spoken and the event is finished.
    1. This is a special zoom event. You can mute yourself, but please DO NOT switch off your camera. People should not have to speak into a black hole. If you do not have a camera, we will accommodate that.

If you are in need of a private pastoral conversation, please contact Pastor Olaf 360-912-1830 or Pastor Kristin-Luana 360-912-1245. We are here for you!


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