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God’s Disconcerting Love for All – John 11:32-44

God’s Disconcerting Love for All – John 11:32-44 The concept of a loving God gives rise to more questions than answers. Even the strongest faith is accompanied by doubt, because bad stuff happens to good people. Nevertheless, since 2000 years Christians do their best to trust God’s love. We embrace our finitude and the pitfalls of life in the hope of resurrection and new life. Where Jesus went, we will follow. We will end our journey on this planet and…

The Seeds of Eternal Life

The Seeds of Eternal Life Seeds are the ultimate container of life. They don’t look like it! They are small, they don’t have fragrance or bright colors or special shapes. But when you put them into the earth, let the sun shine on them, and give them water, they will grow into all kinds of plants, even into majestic trees! These containers of life, as insignificant as they look like, are resilient and durable. When there is no fruitful soil,…

9/11 – 15 Years Later

15 years after the worst terrorist attack on the USA the question remains: Who is God? Is God a God of Love, or is God the God of the 9/11 highjacks, a vengeful deity who commissions angels of doom to execute his wrath? Rev. Olaf Baumann, sermon on the commemoration of 9/11, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA – 9/11/2016.