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You are the Prophets! – Mark 6:14-29

You are the Prophets! – Mark 6:14-29 You are the prophets who have to enter the mission field when this service is over. Here we equip you to preach the gospel of love. We believe that this gospel of love will change everything. Love describes the true character of God. Love explains the mission of Jesus Christ. Love is what the spirit infused our hearts with. But the world often mistakes love for weakness, because much of the world is…

What’s in a Faith Story?

What’s in a Faith Story? By sharing personal faith stories, we inspire, comfort, and help others You cannot tell your faith story without sharing about difficult times in your life. This is not about developing a smooth, logical narrative. It is about witnessing to God’s work in your heart and soul. It is about focusing on the cracks and wounds in your life story, and how God mended them. It is about the struggle to find words for your relationship…

Go And Make Disciples

Oftentimes, when we invite people to church, we are afraid of them saying no. We need to liberate ourselves from the power of ‘no’. A successful invitation is an invitation issued. If people accept or reject it, is not in the hand of the inviter, but the work of the Holy Spirit. Rev. Kristin Luana Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA, 9/18/2016Gp And Make Disciples