Sermons on Diversity

Walking Alongside Each Other – Acts 8:26-40

Walking Alongside Each Other – Acts 8:26-40 The book of Acts has this international feel to it. After the gospels have described the ministry of Jesus in Galilee and Judea, locally bound within a stretch of about 130 miles, now, in the book of Acts, the Christian movement just explodes. Already at the moment of Pentecost which we can read about in Acts, chapter 2, Peter addresses a crowd of people from Asia, Africa and Europe. And then Peter andRead More »

Why is Jesus sleeping?

Why is Jesus sleeping? – Mark 4:35-41 Jesus is sleeping in the boat and we are standing at the helm. As seasoned helmsmen that we hopefully are, we should know that bad weather is a distinct possibility when we take our boat out to sea. Question is, do we go to the trouble to prepare for the things we see coming, like updating our charts, calibrating our compass and getting a recent weather report? Or do we rather sail intoRead More »

We and They

We and They – Luke 10:25-37 We are all part of a group some other group calls “they”. And there is always someone who thinks that “they”, in this case that would be us, – that they – are out to get us. And most of the time nobody asks the most obvious question; Why? What nefarious reasons have they to go out and get us. Why? We should take a step back and realize that whatever “they” are supposedly doingRead More »

Imagining the Future of the Church – Part 1 of 4

Imagining the Future of the Church – Part 1 of 4 We participate in the synodical church renewal program Imagine. In this sermon series I give you my take on where the church is heading. It seems that the church is increasingly irrelevant in a more and more secular society. However, I think the news about the impending demise of God and God’s church are highly exaggerated. At all times and all over the world people seek the connection withRead More »

Let’s Talk about Women Pastors

Let’s Talk about Women Pastors Considering the role of women in society, we need to keep in mind that different historical sources will produce different information for future generations. If you search for “Women Pastor” on youtube today, you will almost exclusively find voices passionately condemning such a thing. Nevertheless, here I stand, and as you know, I am not alone. Future historians though, might only be able to access those voices on youtube and conclude that pastoring women inRead More »

Heaven Is Shut Down

Heaven Is Shut Down Today as well as throughout history, churches come in all shapes, sizes and forms, some have good theology, some have crappy theology, but they have one thing in common. Like Peter they confess Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Everything else flows from that confession. But this is not to say that everything goes. Lutherans believe in heresy. There are theologies Lutherans vehemently oppose, because they exclude, they oppress and they exploit. Jesus call isRead More »

The Salt Of The Earth

The Salt Of The Earth Too many Christians have too long understood Jesus’ statements that they are something like ” the salt of the earth” & “the light of the world” that others are none of these things. Too often that resultedThat’s why they need to be destroyed, subdued or conquered. However, you are salt and light only only when you do not elevate yourself above others. Instead you commit to love your neighbour despite that sometimes they are veryRead More »