Sermons on Doubt

How Thou Thrive in Chaos

How Thou Thrive in Chaos – John 1:1-18 Nobody has ever seen God, says our gospel text today. All we know about God; we know through Jesus Christ. However, what Jesus had to say was not heard by everybody. And not all who heard him believed what he said. And of those who believed what he said, some heard something that was very different from what others thought they heard. Either God likes curveballs or the never-ending struggle for meaning…


Doubt Being doubting Thomas is supposedly bad. But all it is is human. Faith and doubts are twins. Where one goes the other follows. Rev. OIaf Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA. Check out our video ministry 1517 Grace Guerrilla

The Elusive Quest for Certainty – Luke 9:28-43

The Elusive Quest for Certainty – Luke 9:28-43 An enormous event happens on the mountaintop. Jesus’ transfiguration is a divine lightshow and at the climax the prophets of old step into reality followed by the voice of God himself. Hollywood special effects designers who hear this story would salivate like a dog that smells fresh sausages. And Peter wants to freeze the event in time, to build dwelling places and to catch the divine like lightning in a bottle. If…