Fear of Death

Fear of Death – Matthew 24:36-44

The fear of death is the most primordial fear of the human race. Death is a mystery. We know the consequences that death will have for our bodies when our biological clock stops ticking. We can be as intellectual as we want, we can be highly spiritual people, but what defines us most are our bodies. We don’t have bodies, we are our bodies. We exist in the rhythm of our physiology. And when we die that rhythm stops. As if the thought of death is not scary enough, in its wake comes the fear of the final judgment. This fear is deep-seated within the human psyche because Western culture has portrayed this event always as scary. Whole systems of theology have been constructed for the simple purpose of surviving this judgment. Our church exists only because Martin Luther searched for a way to deal with fear. And he found the only thing that is able to put fear in its place. Love. God’s unending, abundant love that is so freely given that it is more abundant than any substance in the world. The whole creation is an act of love. God’s journey with us through history is an act of love. And the greatest act of love is Jesus Christ, God comes to earth. Rev. Olaf Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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