Feeding Of The 5000

Feeding Of The 5000

Feeding Of The 5000

The miracle stories are some of the most memorable stories in the whole bible. At the same time they are the hardest to believe, especially in a society that that is sure that it believes in facts and rational thinking.

But like in all other societies that came before the modern age, people do not turn to facts to find meaning. People are influenced by culture, gender, race, class, ideology, religion, half-knowledge and guesswork, just to name a few.

The primary vehicle to convey meaning is, and was stories, And that didn’t change from the fires to the cavemen to Hollywood blockbusters.

Because it is such an effective method to convey meaning, Jesus uses this technique. He tells stories. They are called parables.

Maybe his disciples actually learned something from him when he told his parables to them. And in turn they tell stories about Jesus Christ. That if you are touched by the presence of God in Christ you are changed forever.

Your outlook on life and death has changed. And when God calls you to do something that seems impossible, you at least give it a try, instead of succumbing to the notions of a particular culture, ideology or religion of what is possible.

Feed 5000 people seems impossible. The disciples do not have enough resources to do that. It is as impossible to feed the 5000 as it is impossible for us to eradicate poverty, hunger and oppression.

But it would be possible if we would build a society that is build on “Love your neighbour, as you love yourself.”

When it goes through the hand of God, the resources we have are enough for everybody.

Rev. Olaf Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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