How to Move Mountains

How to Move Mountains – Luke 6:20-31

What is strong and what is weak? The early church faced a dilemma. In the time of Jesus, the common expectation was that the messiah would be a hero. He would be a victorious fighter who defeats the Romans and restores Israel as a free and independent country. Jesus did not really do that. He died painfully on the cross and the Romans were as powerful as they were before. But when we look at our text today, we discover that in the eyes of Jesus many things are strong which we consider weak. How on earth can the poor be blessed? – Or the hungry or the weeping? And why should I love my enemy? Usually, enemies are hated! Bless those who curse you and when you are mugged give the mugger more that he demands? That is absolutely counterintuitive. That is not what we consider strong. It is what we consider weak. But is it really?

Rev. Olaf Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.
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