Identity Politics

Identity Politics – Luke 12:13-21, Col 3:1-11

It is very hard to not base your identity and your self worth on your circumstances or what others think of you. It is so easy to feel pride because of what you have; or shame, because of what you lack.
But is that what Jesus wants us to do? Is that how Jesus wants us to feel?
No. Jesus is the great equalizer. The most consistent way that Jesus proclaims the kingdom of God while he walks on earth, is by including all the people he meets into the family of God. If you have property, if you lack property; it doesn’t matter. What matters is God at the center of your life. Your identity grows from there. Your worth grows from there: You are a child of God, known by name and beloved by God forever.

Rev. Kristin Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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