Lent 1 – What does it take to challenge the Status Quo?

Lent 1 – What does it take to challenge the Status Quo?

What does it take to challenge the Status Quo?

In the season of Lent and on Easter, we look at Saints who paid for their discipleship hoping their example will inspire us and give us directions as to where our path of discipleship will lead us.

The example for today is Emily Davison. Emily was a college graduate, militant suffragette and Christian feminist, born in 1872 in London. Christian feminism believes that the principle of egalitarianism was present in the teachings of Jesus. Davidson was part of the Women’s Social and Political Union who advocated for women’s suffrage with direct action, and the founder was the famous, at the time infamous, Emily Pankhurst. Davison had been arrested many times, was on hunger strike, and was force-fed. At the Derby in 1913, Davidson walked onto the horse track. It is unclear what her plan was, pull down a horse or put a suffragette flag on a horse. She intended her action to receive attention. Newsreel cameras filmed what happened next. Davidson collided with the King’s horse and was killed. She did not commit suicide, but she accepted that her action might harm her, as she had done before. The papers were not sympathetic, but the suffragette movement had a martyr. Her coffin was inscribed with “Fight on, God will give the victory.” Her inspiration furthered the cause of women’s suffrage considerably.



Rev. Olaf Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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