Let’s Talk about Women Pastors

Let’s Talk about Women Pastors

Let’s Talk about Women Pastors

Considering the role of women in society, we need to keep in mind that different historical sources will produce different information for future generations. If you search for “Women Pastor” on youtube today, you will almost exclusively find voices passionately condemning such a thing. Nevertheless, here I stand, and as you know, I am not alone. Future historians though, might only be able to access those voices on youtube and conclude that pastoring women in 21.century America were uncommon and despised. In a similar fashion, you will find tons of literature vilifying women in the ancient Greco-Roman world. If this is your only source, you might conclude that women were horribly disliked and oppressed throughout antiquity. And, while there certainly were legal restrictions to women’s rights at that time, this is not the whole picture. Teresa Calpino writes in Tabitha and Lydia – Models of Early Christian Women Leaders that …

“Letters, grave inscriptions and other artefacts demonstrate that women maintained businesses, made independent choices and managed their own finances in ways that would grant them – and their children – economic independence.By some estimates, women owned as much as one-half of the property in certain regions.”

And we have another source of knowledge – Women PasRev. Kristin Luana Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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