Strong as a Lamb

Strong as a Lamb

Strong as a Lamb – Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

The readings chosen for today are just a small excerpt of the vast body of Scripture which tells us that God’s power is not the power of war and domination, but of peace and universal well-being. The Hebrew Bible, in Christian tradition called Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, is full of the gospel truth of God’s love, grace and peace! When Jesus trains his disciples and sends them out to proclaim the good news, he does NOT build an army of soldiers, ready to bring violence and sorrow into the world. No. Jesus sends lambs into the midst of wolves. This is a scary thought, isn’t it? Who wants to travel without protection, not even shoes on our feet, no money, no luggage, just equipped with the greeting of peace and the word of God? Jesus does. He evokes the power of the Lamb, the power of vulnerability.

Rev. Kristin Luana Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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