The Language of Love

The Language of Love – Genesis 11:1-9, Acts 2:1-21

My dog Shadow and I are very much tuned in to each other. We know how the other is doing most of the time. There are many ways to communicate with people and animals, and words is just one of them. Words can be very useful, insightful, and beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I love reading books, I love writing sermons. Nothing is better for intellectual engagement than words. But with emotional engagement, I’m not so sure. We share love with words, body language, actions, and attitudes. It results in trust, joy, service, gratitude, courage, and compassion. God’s love is powerful. It overcomes obstacles like the Tower of Babel and the language barriers on the day of Pentecost. On this day, let us celebrate that God loves us – and all people – and all of God’s creatures – no matter what.

Rev. Kristin Luana Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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