The Tongue is a Fire

The Tongue is a Fire

Sermon series on the Letter of James. 3 of 4.

The tongue is a fire. Words are powerful. Even before our times of the rapid spread of fake news on social media, rumors, lies, and gossip travelled fast and wide, and successfully destroyed reputations, livelihoods, and even lives. But the technical means available to us today through the world-wide-web and social media have greatly multiplied the effectiveness of lies, rumors, and propaganda. I want to make sure that we, as we ponder James words about tongues which are fires, that we remember our place in this picture. So, maybe we don’t spread fake news for money. But, do we talk with spite about public figures? Do we maybe gossip about people we know? Do we listen to gossip and spite and believe it?
James words are quite straightforward. He suggests that it is not possible for a Christian to participate in talk, which harms others.

Rev. Kristin Luana Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.

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