There are no winners in war

There are no winners in war

There are no winners in war – Luke 22:39-45

Today is the Sunday before Veteran’s Day, a time when we give thanks to our soldiers and veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice on our behalf. Thank you! Soldiers and combat veterans know how high the price is we pay when we engage in war. Every war leads to the loss of precious, God-given life on all sides. But sometimes I think, our society takes war too lightly. War is not a source of exciting media entertainment to fill our mundane lives. Soldiers are not a source of pride from which we take because we have no source of pride of our own that can fill our lives. Veteran’s Day reminds us of the tremendous sacrifice and loss we as a society experience when we send our sons and daughters to war.
Therefore, let us never forget: God’s vision for this world is a vision of peace. Enemies and friends alike are beloved children of God. God wishes for humanity to thrive. We need to keep God’s vision alive in us, – the kingdom of God is a place of peace.

Rev. Kristin Luana Baumann, sermon, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Angeles WA.
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