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The Mermaid’s Purse by Patricia Polacco

The Magic of Books! Young Stella in Patricia Palacco’s book is in love with the world of reading.  Her community even decides to build her her own library which she calls The Mermaid’s Purse. The library becomes a source of  community for her little town, even bringing in the old, grouchy farmer.  When a tornado hits the library, destroying it, Stella is absolutely devastated.  What will happen to her beloved library?  Read to find out.  (For readers ages 5-8, but all…

Print It

Print It The printing press turned a theological revolution into an unstoppable tidal force. The “Reformation Factoids” are a weekly video series to commemorate 500 Years of Reformation. We will publish a new video every Wednesday on our website, on Facebook and on our YouTube channel 1517GraceGuerrilla. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE