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My New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution No more New Years’s Resolutions. Change happens when it’s necessary or it won’t happen. New Year or not does not matter. on the move… Pastor’s Vlog Please check out our video ministry 1517 Grace Guerrilla https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv2aB-i9zHPqgh3NjUJ5-lg Please like and share the video and subscribe to our channel.  
Messy Church

Messy Church: Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Calms the Storm Messy Church is a Christ-centered event for families of all shapes and sizes. Meal is included. This Messy Church focuses on a story in Mark 4:35-41: Jesus Calms the Storm. Jesus and his friends and students cross the lake on a boat. A huge storm comes up, and all are very afraid. But Jesus says: Peace! Be Still! He calms the storm and his disciples are in great awe. Next Messy Church: JAN 24, 2018, 5:00pm…

Here I stand I can do no other.

Here I stand I can do no other. “Hier stehe ich und kann nicht anders,” said Martin Luther at the diet of Worms in 1521. “Here I stand I can do no other.” Luther has caused quite an uproar in the empire with his rebellious writings. The foundations of the status quo started to crack everywhere as sedition and rebellion festered throughout the empire. Revolt was in the air. Seditious princes smelled delicious opportunities to advance themselves by backing the…

Papal Bull against German Boar

Papal Bull against German Boar A papal bull is not a special farm animal intended to provide a good meal for the pontiff. A papal bull is an official decree of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. It is named after the seal – the bulla – that authenticates it. Exsurge Domine is one of the papal bulls the world still chews on. It was issued by pope Leo X and promulgated in June 15, 1520. It is all…